So I have decided to tidy up and update my online presence a bit, as I’ve spent the past several years sort of wallowing in neglected blogs. I haven’t decided yet whether to fold this site into one of my others, and given that my old Vox blog and a Blogspot outing were previously folded into this one, poor old Twitchery is just not very organized at the moment anyway.
What Will Happen:

Some cleanup. Things will be tagged. Things may be edited. Posts may be deleted, not because I am some sneaky person who wants to Destroy The Historical Record Of Who I Was, but because they seem especially pointless or outdated.

What May Happen:

There may be a note in the next few weeks that this blog has been folded into another (probably my even more strenuously neglected Poor Man’s Lois Lane site) and will shortly be pining for the fjords.
At any rate, stay tuned..


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