You Lie!

Hah! No, it’s not going to be topical, sorry.

I have wanted to change my name since…ever, basically, and finally took the plunge and altered my middle name this summer, after years of hearing people tell me it was going to be an unholy nuisance and hundreds of dollars of expense. So far:

$47- name change
$4- cost of parking near courthouse
$0- new SS card
$0- new bank cards
$0- new credit cards
$22- the DMV whole shebang (license, title and registration), and they said the title didn’t have to be reprinted
$25- ordering happy little postcard announcements from

By far the biggest nuisance has been 1) Finding the Social Security office, which relocated from the time of initial research to the time of applying for a new card; 2) Answering the people who say “You…changed your middle name?” (I changed it to Alexandra, and have been referring to this process as establishing my AlDentity.)

I suppose my point is, without the internet, I’d still be believing all the friends and family who didn’t want to learn a new name. ALWAYS look things up, people.

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  1. whiskers
    Sep 15, 2009 @ 08:33:00

    I find that having something be exactly as you want it is usually worth the cost.Congrats on your new you!


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