But Is It Art?

Our newly built art museum opens today, and (if I remembered my membership card…aha! I’m good) there’s a member preview until six. Which means I have an excuse, albeit a lame one, to book out of work when my eight hours is up.

I’m amazed, if anything, that I remembered to join the museum this year. One thing I’ve actually been very good about in the wake of The World Turned Upside Down ’08 is keeping up with things like that. I pay bills on time. I feed the cats (er, generally…and I must say that if the cable company sent someone to stare accusingly at me the way my cat does, my internet bill would be paid even faster). Right after it happened, I went without making my bed for eight days, the longest time in my adult life–and even this bothered me. I guess I’m anal retentive to my soul….which is probably why I’m fretting that our new art museum resembles a giant glass ark.

UPDATE: The ark is very pretty from the inside, but, unless I missed something (which is entirely possible), there doesn’t seem to be much more exhibit space than they had before–odd in the wake of so many articles about building the new facility because they could only show a small percentage of their collection in the old one.

It’s light. It’s airy. The steps of the stairs are actually lit from within; I choked up there for a moment, because I know someone who would have totally danced on them.

The current exhibits include a modern photography exhibit which in one case puts the viewer inside a holographic-print forest and a collection of 17th-century Florentine art that includes a painting of St. Sebastian having his darts removed. It’s about time :-).


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  1. whiskers
    Nov 07, 2008 @ 21:24:55

    By God! It does resemble an ark.

    How terribly avant garde is that?

    However, I will have you know, I LOVE 17th-century Florentine art. It is unfortunate that I will not be in your area any time soon. Drat.

    Martyrs always make such good subjects for paintings, don’t you find?

    P.S.: I’ve made my appeal to the renewal committee. In just under two weeks I get to see if my GPA goes from 2.44 to 3.79!


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