Hanging In…

A few things I’ve done since my world turned upside down:

–I got a haircut. It’s shorter than it has been for at least five years. The timing was good, because I don’t really care about looking maximally pretty, and at the moment it’s just the right length to hot-roller it and pretend I’m an extra in a 1920s mystery adaptation. In about three months, though, it’s going to drive me nuts.

–Started looking once again for a clock radio. My 21-year-old P’Jammer (like the one in this picture) seems to be suffering the last stages of functionality, so yesterday I looked at all 37 pages of eBay’s clock-radio offerings. One of the designs I kind of liked turned out to be a disguised spy camera that costs $450. Just my luck.

–Not been killed by a horse. It was a therapy horse, but until that point, the last time I rode anything with a mane, I was getting bucked off a pony* at the North Carolina State Fair. I think I was nine.

–Received about a million messages from Nabaztag owners all over the world, as I have now enslaved a rabbit-shaped robot of my own (see below).

–Cooked a tuna steak. Considering my diet consists largely of 1)Pringles and 2)nice people dragging me out of my apartment, this is important.

–Made jewelry.

*Didn’t work. My hanging-on skills are amazing.


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