Mind In The Gutter

I can’t remember how far afield the last big story about local wackjob Congressman Virgil Goode* went, back when he was telling everyone his Muslim colleague being sworn in on Thomas Jefferson’s copy of the Koran was an insult to the Founding Fathers because Bible-something-patriotism-old-white-guy-ness**.

And now it appears he’s at it again, darkening his opponent’s picture in an ad so the man looks like Alfred Molina in Not Without My Daughter and using the word “drill” with hilarious frequency.

* Not my Congressman. Mine is a much duller fellow I disagree with most of the time.
** I have nothing against the Bible, patriotism, or old white guys. I have a big problem with officious twitburgers who help further the stereotype that my part of the country is populated solely by Pat Robertson, Foghorn Leghorn, and extras from Deliverance.

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