Pronunciate! ;-)

(In which I use a non-real-word title to draw attention to words. I’m clever that way.)

I really don’t know what my local NPR station personnel are trying to do: make sure I’m awake? Make me wonder about the pressures on people who have to try to speak Standard American English at a radio station in Southwest Virginia?

They do all these things, but what they do even more is drive me up the wall with their pronunciation of the word “museum.” Between Myoozeem Woman and her weekend sidekick Myoozim Girl, I’m about ready to pack it in on arts news coverage in my area.

Is this a regional thing for somebody? Anybody? I pronounce it with three syllables, even if the third one is barely discernable as such, and so does the dictionary.

If these people were instead reading ghost stories, would our protagonist be trapped in a mausoleem?

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