I’ve Been Framed!

For the first time in…ever…I have glasses I like enough to wear outside the house.

It used to be that no matter how carefully I chose frames, the Coke-bottle lenses that went in them cast ghastly shadows on my face and ruined everything. So from the moment I turned 15, I was on my mom to get contacts, which I’ve worn more or less constantly since then. I had, however, noticed a few things on the way:

  • I have a thing for guys in glasses;
  • When I draw little cartoons of myself, I am always wearing glasses;
  • Every make-your-own-avatar I attempted somehow ended up with specs on, despite the fact that 99.9% of the local population would only see me wearing them in case of a massive eye infection.

It appeared that I had glasses in my soul. And so, thanks to the last part of my economic stimulus check, I have decent frames. Pretty frames. Frames I can make Buckaroo Banzai jokes about:

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