I don’t know if this is even at the level of being a legitimate rumor, but via Yahoo!, this site reports that Madonna may remake Casablanca.

I have the same instinctive revulsion to this idea a lot of people do, but with a few differences.  One, I’ve never really thought Madonna was as bad an actress as some people do (Don’t get me wrong; I’m pretty sure the AFI won’t be putting Shanghai Surprise on its Best Films list in the year 2100.). Then, too, I’ve always lacked the reverence people have toward Casablanca. It’s a perfectly good, romantic old movie, but give me The Thin Man every time. In fact, give me the first sequel to The Thin Man. I wouldn’t mind seeing it remade, and Madonna has enough money to do it right.

What wouldn’t be bad, I think, is if Madonna put a good cast in place as the principals (depending on the level of updating, you’d also need to find a really good Peter Lorre substitute, which could be tricky), and then portayed Sam, effectively making a cameo in her own movie and doing music besides. Not a big role, but you could do a lot worse than casting yourself in the role of the near-omniscient observer.

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