If I Were A Proofreading Oyster, I’d Have A Pearl The Size of My Car

So I finally get a fan and then don’t touch this blog for a month. I guess that’s what happens when you try to wait for worthy subject matter. This one, however, has been building for quite some time.

Proofreading Peeves, If That Is Not Redundant (Part I)

  • “Who” Vs. “That”–Even I will admit that the difference between “a person who believes in fairness” and “a person that believes in fairness” is a tad on the nitpicky side. But think of this: there are large, wealthy businesses out there employing entire marketing departments to do research and pinpoint the best way to tell their customers that they respect them as people. They’re funding focus groups about it. They’re putting in hours of anthropological study to get every word right on that brochure, that manual, that postcard. And even most of these companies don’t bother giving human beings their proper pronoun of reference, “who,” which they could do for free after reading this blog entry.
  • Blog Comment Blech— Note to the commentariat, particularly that segment which likes to comment on news stories online: the word for something outrageously laughable is not “rediculous.” It’s “ridiculous.” As in “I certainly would like to be ‘rid’ of these misspellings!” Also, a similar word is spelled “ludicrous.” The guy is called Ludacris because his name is Chris. It’s a PUN, folks.
  • Non Starter?— Lately I have been exposed to a plague of this. Prefixes! Are! Not! Whole! Words! It’s so sad to read a brochure and see the “pre”s, “post”s, “non”s and “multi”s dangling there with no support, like so many kittens who almost made that jump to the tabletop. Won’t somebody think of the prefixes??

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