Now That I Think About It, Still Speaking Of “Real Old”…

My clock-radio’s little dial lost tension this weekend.  I’m going to have to look for a new one.

This is news because I’ve had the darned thing since I was 12 years old.  It was a starting-junior-high present.  This clock-radio is old enough to get into many bars, which may actually be the root of the trouble, for all I know. 🙂

If anybody out there has a product recommendation, let me know.  I’m looking for something that:

  • Won’t take up much space;
  • Isn’t basically an iPod dock around which someone absentmindedly built a clock-radio;
  • Has a display a very nearsighted person can read upon waking;
  • Preferably, will last a decade or more.  Okay…more than a year.

I was looking at this, but I’m just not sure.

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