Slightly Closer to “Real Old”

My birthday so far:

  • One well-wish from coworker, day early;
  • One call from Dad, day early–most of call spent convincing him no, it really was day early*;
  • Scooping litter for three animals, as I’m babysitting Trixie this week;
  • One call, almost at my actual birth time, from my favorite person, who is unfortunately having horrible medical treatment today;
  • One well-wish from co-worker, right on time.


  • One piece of tiramisu and office-wide card that plays…”The Chicken Dance”
  • Also, I realize I forgot to add all the birthday wishes from institutions, including Borders Bookstore, a local radio station’s e-mail list, and er, Neopets and a site specializing in (Smallville) Chlex fan fiction.
  • One nice dinner and a movie with another one of my favorite people.  Believe it or not, the TGI Friday’s Argentinean steak rub is really good.

*Usually Dad just forgets the year and makes me older than I really am, so it could be worse!

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