Happy National Grammar Day!

Yes, March 4 really is National Grammar Day.  And I would have directed you gleefully to the Society For the Prevention of Good Grammar website, until I read this distasteful editorial from its founder on MSN.

There’s no doubt that, probably from the days of Shirley Temple onward, fame hasn’t been particularly kind to child stars.  And  hoo boy, neither is Ms. Brockenbrough.

I understand her frustration with the starlet phenomenon; what I don’t see is what this essay was meant to do about it.  Is there a thinking person out there who hasn’t noticed the weird dichotomy between sexing up tweens and promoting purity-ball-type culture? And is there a thinking person who thinks it’s a good idea to say that a young girl about whose mental well-being you purport to be concerned is “dressed like a hooker convention”? (What, a whole one?)

So, shame on Ms. Brockenbrough.  Shame on anyone who thinks that a young girl is really trying to attract overt sexual attention when she wants “grown-up” clothes.  And shame on anyone who still thinks TV and broader cultural activities cannot exist in the same person’s life. I never thought I’d say this, but there are some things the ability to use “whom” properly just cannot cancel out.

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