She Who Lives By The Post-It…

Really, this is getting extreme.

Post-It Notes are one of my chief tools of proofreading, if I’m actually given a hard copy of something.  Sometimes it’s because the job shouldn’t be directly subjected to my red pen; sometimes it’s because I’m less making concrete corrections than writing a note that says “They really want it this way?  Really??” that someone can take into consideration or else remove as if it had never been jotted.

One of my irrational work fears is of going through a whole day with a Post-It stuck to my butt. So far, they only get stuck to my elbow (and yes, I can tell the difference!).

By extension, the gummy little buggers have wormed their way into my private life. Grocery lists are often written at work; something that catches my eye online, or an album someone recommends, or a comic book that sounds like it might be interesting, all find their way onto Post-Its of various shapes and sizes.

And now, I’ve taken up both loom and needle knitting.  It passes the time, gives me a feeling of creative satisfaction, and opens up brave new horizons of little tags of sticky paper covered in tick marks and notes like “6 rows of red in scarf.”  3M should team up with a yarn manufacturer.


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