(Extremely) Local Weather News

News of the ice storm my part of Virginia was supposed to get carried at least far enough for Mom to send out a worried e-mail yesterday.  So when I awoke to the sounds of drumming rain, my spirits were high at the prospect of a possible half-day off: sleeping in, watching Campion on DVD, and finishing the hat that’s going to match my little mitts.

When I got outside, the only solid water in view was on my car windows.  And it was the same way all through my little 5-mile commute: an extra-cold wet day, but just a wet day.

Then I hit the street my office sits on:

It’s out the window, so a little blurry, but there’s an inch-thick layer of slush in the parking lot.  (The dark red blob is Hester, the Scarlet xA.)

What the heck?

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