“Spooky Book” Is Right.

I may have mentioned that my religious-leaning relatives gave me a horror novel for Christmas. And the aforementioned spook story (the Pocket Books edition of J.G. Passarella’s Wither) may well be the worst-proofread book I’ve ever seen that didn’t have Andrew Greeley’s name on it somewhere.

I am on page 27. So far:

  1. “Freshman” has been used as a plural.
  2. The outside of a car has been referred to as a “chassy.”
  3. “PhD,” no periods, in two places, which made me glad the character who was trying to get one didn’t make it.  Also, anybody know of any non-fictional tiny colleges with a nice doctoral program?
  4. “DefCon One” has been used as the mild end of the scale.  I am a (sort of) mild-mannered English major and even I know that’s wrong.

Also, there’s supposed to be something going on with nightmares and witches returning from the dead.  Could it be my relatives gave me this not for any ideological reason, or lack thereof, but for practice?

Update 12/31: And now, on page 117, “staff infection.”  I’m going to go whimper now.

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