Holiday Wrapup (See What I Did There?)

So this was Christmas…

  • Ate too much.  On the upside, however, this year my family renewed its old tradition of having a Christmas Eve cookout.
  • Discovered that, though I barely spend any time in Second Life, not being able to access Second Life makes me crave Second Life.
  • Got more DVD box sets than you can shake a stick at.  (Just try it.  The ghost of Jeremy Brett will come out of that slipcased Sherlock Holmes set and KICK YOUR ASS.)  It’s getting to the point that, should PBS burn down, they’ll have to sit in my living room and beg me for old Campion episodes.
  • Read two books, one of which keeps giving me the urge to knit “for real,” not just on the loom.  Get thee behind me, woolly Satan! Also, tried to get a couple of people interested in loom knitting, and am supposed to make Mom a scarf.
  • Found, after a chat, that one of my relatives can confidently be upgraded from “Normal Family Madness” to “Really Quite Batshit.”
  • Got another Foo dog from West Elm in Richmond…. er, in case the other one runs away or something. 🙂
  • Wondered at the second consecutive instance of my religious aunt and family giving me spooky books as gifts.  Are they loosening up?  Have they given up and decided I might as well have something to read while I’m in the handbasket? The mind boggles.

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