Sexist? Maybe. Puzzling, Certainly.

As more news emerges in the case of the poor student who was murdered in Italy, I can’t help wondering about the way the news uses words.

It seems as if, were I an undergraduate who won an award or thwarted a mugging or something, I would be described as a “college student.”  Even in those articles about the evils of “hookup culture,” the terminology doesn’t usually get more sexist than “college girls.” (Not that that isn’t bad enough.)

If, on the other hand, I am an undergraduate and become the victim of a high-profile crime, I am magically transformed into a “coed.”  Really?  Is it 1957?  Maybe Nancy Drew’s friends are in the boys’ dorm across campus? What the heck?

Is it accurate?  I suppose so.  So is “horseless carriage,” but I haven’t seen that one on the AP wire lately.


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