It Was Behind The Couch The Whole Time!

About a million years ago (okay, say a week and a half), the NaBloPoMo group I belonged to asked a question about sources of inspiration.  Any readers I’ve had this month may doubt I in fact have any, but as best I can, here goes:

  • My PetsThe Incubus and his older brother frequently give me not only subjects for cute kitty pictures, but the feeling that I am living among the natives of some strange tribe.  You call it a Christmas tree? To the Pointy-Eared People it’s an AmBush, focus of a seasonal ritual in which you hide behind the AmBush and jump out at your rival.
  • My Family–not as much, however, because you never know, some of them may once again start reading my site, MOTHER.
  • Stupid Spelling Tricks–wherever they may lurk, providing they can’t be traced back to work and get my well-punctuated butt fired.
  • Compulsive Reading–It’s like this: I read for a living.  When I’m not proofreading at work, I’m usually reading something, even if it’s just headlines.  Then I go home, do some housework, run some errands, and either watch movies, read yet more, or both.

I’ve left out a lot of the usual suspects–movies I’ve seen, political blogs, the universally popular Things That Pissed Me Off Today–but you get the idea.

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