In the midst of some random websearch or other today, I looked up images of an old celebrity crush: the ubiquitous Roscoe Born as Mitch Laurence on One Life to Live.  At the height of my personal passion, Mitch, sent to prison for murdering I honestly forget who, faked a repentance and set up shop as a sexually overactive, skeevy evangelist:

Along with my crushes on Clancy Brown and Alan Rickman, I’d say I do have a celebrity crush type: deep-set eyes, nice facial bones, big nose, often plays criminals.  Yeek.

P.S.: I completely forgot The City, which I watched the summer after college graduation because hey! it’s Roscoe Born!

*I think Roscoe Born has been on every soap known to man, and can myself confirm sightings on OLTL, Santa Barbara, Ryan’s Hope (yes, I’m old), and All My Children.  If he’s not currently working, I assume he’s building a time machine so he can be in Edge of Night.

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