On The Menu: Beefcake & Brains

As a reader of When Fangirls Attack and the like, I sometimes feel a little like an outsider. I totally get the objectification of women in comics as far as not getting to go out in a blaze of glory, being drawn as if simultaneously stripping while trying to save the world, and so forth. However, I have a lot of Goth leanings in my taste in clothes, and I have NO objections to superheroine outfits being a bit strappy. In fact, the more I think about it, the more my idea of feminism envisions a world where anybody can wear thigh-high boots without fear of harassment. But trust me, I know that’s just me.

Which is my oblique way of leading up to sharing my own occasion of comic-hero body-lusting sin:

Doc Samson

Yeah, the glasses help.  And, of course, if Doc Samson were a nearsighted, musclebound moron, it might be a little different. Still, I confess that this panel from a She-Hulk comic made my hormones go “wubble” with very little regard for his powers.


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