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My love for Paddington Bear is strange: I’ve never owned any of the books, just the stuffed bear, and the TV show used to actually grate on me a little.  And yet, when I was working retail next to a Sears where a man in a Paddington suit was appearing*, I waved and squealed like a two-year-old. I also lied and yelled out “I love your show!”

So imagine my wonderment at finding two awesome stories about Paddington today:  the second is a BBC news story from 2001, talking about a program in which Stephen Fry (of stage, screen, Jeeves, Black Adder, and the best book ever to feature a sex scene involving a horse) follows in the footsteps of the Great Bear himself. Is there anything that man can’t do?

The second article (the reason I found the first one) reveals that the blue-coated teddy recently starred in a commercial in which he eschewed his customary marmalade for Marmite, and viewers apparently threw a fit.
I’m not sure whether this is because they regarded the bear as a sellout or they were outraged by his poor reading comprehension skills in not telling the two sandwich spreads apart — guess which interpretation warms my heart? — but it’s nice to see that I’m not the only fan out there.

*I’m assuming.  Any bear that tall would probably just eat people, including the author of the Paddington books.

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