Measuring Up

From one of my favorite copyediting blogs comes this story about the name of a Chinese pickup truck, the Great Wall (make) Wingle (model).  “Wind” and “Eagle” are supposed to be the main ingredients in the title, which only goes to show that car manufacturers everywhere use the same criteria to come up with product names.  Still, I want this to come to the U.S., if only because it raises the same brilliant possibilities for juvenile humor the Nintendo Wii did.

“Man Totals Wingle In 5-Car Pileup.”

“I drive a Scion xA.”
“That’s nothing–I’ve got a Wingle!”

“Wingle for sale: slightly used, well cared for.  Best Offer.”

I’d like to pretend I won’t be doing that all day when I ought to be doing, oh, anything else.  But I most certainly will.

*It is also, if you look at the link, a pretty nice-looking truck.

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