Catsitting, Day 9: Uh-Oh…

The cat’s doing fine.  She spent most of yesterday evening out of her cage and failed to do any of the following:

  • Set herself on fire
  • Be crushed by furniture/people/other animals
  • Get lost under the furniture, never to return
  • Drown herself in the big guys’ water dish
  • Break anything
  • Take over the world (you never know!)
  • Shred anything
  • Mistake my rugs for restroom facilities
  • Fall on her head (unless you count running straight into a full shopping bag)

Her eyes are turning more yellow, and her tail no longer looks quite so much like an afterthought.  However, my camera is either out of good batteries–the rechargeables, well, didn’t–or actually deceased.  It didn’t even close properly when it decided it was out of power, and now it sits disconsolately on my nightstand, the lens half-contracted, the shutter half-shut, giving me the electronics version of a dead man’s stare.

I intend to fix this one way or the other this evening, but until then…

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