Catsitting, Day 5: The Draining

There will be no Kara pictures for Sunday, as kittenblogging has drained all the usable batteries in the house and I’m waiting for the crappy rechargeables to, well, recharge.

Some updates, though:

  • Jasper and Kara have finally met with no hissing, though brave Sir Incubus again swooped in and tried to drag her away from Jasper with his paw, affecting a sort of “Sorry about that, sir” air;
  • To put it in the broadest possible terms, Kara is litter-box challenged.  Oh, she understands the principle.  Unfortunately, she thinks it also applies to the shag rug in the kitchen.
  • She can now climb up on the bed by herself!  Since it’s a red comforter, there’s a kind of Spider-Cat vibe to this which is very cute.

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