QotD: My Movie Cliché Moment

What movie cliché would you most like to live out in real life?
Submitted by Wes.  

It would have to be the career cliché.  You know the one: a character has been doing something quietly well (be it an office job or painting or whatever), is suddenly noticed for this, and gains the respect of the public at large and/or a lust-love object in one fell, triumphant swoop.  (See the end of Singin’ In the Rain.)

The trouble comes when I try to imagine this happening in my profession: let’s face it, “Quick!  Somebody get me…a PROOFREADER!” isn’t something you’re likely to hear, even in circumstances where one is badly needed.  Likewise, I have accepted the fact that no one will ever look into my eyes and say “When you first said ‘Hyphenate that compound adjective,’ I knew I needed you in my office.  And in my life,” and envelop me in a passionate embrace.  Possibly they should, of course, but I’ve long noticed that subject-verb agreement just doesn’t have that effect on other people.

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