Gratuitous Car Picture.

Meet Hester, the Scarlet (Scion x)A.  I just got her Tuesday, after a simple turn on the way home after Christmas had me unable to go more than 10 MPH for a minute, effectively killing any lingering regrets I had about trading in my old car.

My impressions so far:

1) In defiance of the laws of nature, the xA is bigger on the inside than the outside.  As a result, I alternate between feeling as though I’m riding in some retro machine from the era of big sturdy gangster cars and as if I’m a supporting character in a smarmy children’s book called The Littlest SUV.

2) Hester, like my previous car, possesses the ability to attract minivans.  I could park the car on Jupiter, tour the Spot, and return to find it flanked by Odysseys.

3) Coolest pointless thing I knew about when choosing the car: red pedal covers.  Coolest pointless thing I didn’t: the car stereo display can change into a variety of colors.  It’s a disco in my Scion and…really, nobody much is invited.

4) One sits in this car much higher up than in my previous vehicle, which means now I’ll be able to see why I’m hopelessly stuck in traffic!

Now if I can just get over the cutesy gas gauge (R for…Refuel?  Refill?  “Rut-Roh!,” as someone recently suggested?), all should be well.

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