QotD: One Lump or Two?

How do you take your tea or coffee?
Submitted by Vasquez.

Ah, tea…

The answer, more or less, is: obscenely sweetened, and in a near-constant infusion.  Dracula only thought his thirst for blood was an unholy need by comparison.  If you are any kind of (non-diabetic) Southerner, sweet tea is right up there with food and shelter.  You could be offered a cup of water from the Fountain of Youth, but if it were to be used to wash down a barbecue sandwich, you’d choose sweet tea instead.  It’s the life-sustaining plasma of social relations, the caffeine-spiked hummingbird fuel on which our quotidian dreams flutter.  And above all it cannot be produced by stirring sugar into cold tea.  Period!!!


Which ought to explain why I get so ticked off when places that serve southern food fail to offer sweet tea on the menu.  Maybe Dracula had the right idea after all.

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