This Is The Way We Go "EEEEURGGH!" So Early In The Morning…

Five a.m. has become, here at Villa Grammatica, Kitten Snuggle Time. And that’s fine, since the kitten’s not usually all that affectionate when I’m actually awake; I’m happy for the time just to scratch his head or rub his tummy.

And so is he, apparently, as my elbow came into contact this morning with what I have to think of as, er, the Inky Winky. It went something like this:

“You little perv.”
[roll ever to find out why Food Lady has quit with the love] “Purrr?”
[try to tell myself animals don’t have the same shame socialization as humans, but keep coming back to “ew”] “I’m not staying up for this.”

I roll over and try to go back to sleep. Inky “The Streak” Dragon walks over the pillows and around to poke his head into the shroud I’ve made of my blankets.
“Beep? Bee-e-eep?”
[settles down right next to my head] “Purrr?”
“Oh, okay. But no funny stuff, buster.”

So, since I’m not going anywhere for a while–it’s still around 5, dammit, and I’m warm–I scratch his little head and let my mind drift to:

1) How much I’d like to boil my elbow;

2) That line from The Truth About Cats and Dogs about loving your pets versus loving your pets;

3) How glad I was to see that ungodly thing back when I didn’t know the kitten’s gender, though I’d’ve been just as happy with a girl, especially, let the record show, this morning.

Ah, the joys of pet ownership.


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